Hey everyone,

this update is probably overdue. We have been quite busy these last couple of months, due to the fact that both of us are working.
First of all we are very happy to report that, because of our generous family and friends we are pretty much where we need to be financially for our upcoming Canadian adventure.

Besides the monetary issue, we thought we had pretty much everything that we needed to apply for the work permit. But as it turn out my diploma has to be assessed by a canadian organization in order to finish our application. The thing though is, that it might take up to 25 weeks for the results to get back to us. Now we are either looking at postponing the move until the end of the year, or applying without the results and see what happens or move in August under a program wherein I wouldn’t need a work permit and after we have all the necessary documents apply from within Canada. Now we are trying to find out which option would be the best although we favor the latter.

But in either case we already have started selling or throw out unused or unneeded items around the house. Although most of the stuff we own was bought with the possibility of sometime moving to Canada in mind, so either it is quite necessary for our daily use or not worth much anymore anyway :)! If any of you reading this in english happen to live in Germany and are interested in furniture or other miscellaneous household items feel free to drop us a line and check if we have anything you might want.

We also have been in frequent contact with the planting team in Thunder Bay and are more and more excited about all the things that are happening over there. Couple of weeks ago I was even able to help them out from over here. They just finished renovations on the prayer tower and had a grand opening followed by a lent sermon series. I designed a poster announcing these things for them and my design might even be used by the city to promote a tour of landmark buildings around town.

If you couldn’t already read it between the lines, we are very eager and excited to get over there and start working with our friends in addition to dreaming about what God has in store for the Urban Abbey.

Thanks for checking in and as always we appreciate your support in prayer and any financial contribution. If you like to know more about us just shoot us an email.

God bless you all in this lent season and through the beautiful easter celebrations as we remember that the tomb is empty and Jesus our friend and Lord rules.

Carina, Jake and Max

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