The last “lasts”

Hi everyone!

Only two more sleeps until we board the plane to Thunder Bay and start our adventure. So the last couple of weeks were filled with „lasts“. Last sales of our stuff, last goodbyes, last talks with friends and so on. And now this will be our last post from Germany for a while.

We are very thankful to God, family, friends, church and other people for their support and help. We have sold and given away a lot of our stuff and have experienced the joy of getting rid of things. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate in only a few years and how much of that you don’t really need. Cleaning house is a very freeing experience and we can only suggest you to try it, even if you don’t move to another country.

It is hard to express our thanks for the Urban Abbey team, who are doing a lot for us by preparing for our arrival. They are trying to make our transition as smooth as possible and have been hard at work to get our apartment ready. Giving a lot of though also to how to make Carina and Jake feel comfortable in the new surroundings. Since I will have a lot to do and work will make my transition easier, it will be harder for them to find friends and stuff to do. A lot of thought is going into how to make that simpler for them.

Sorry for these some what unconnected excited ramblings. We are just so happy to be going and can’t wait for our adventure to begin.

Please keep praying for a good trip, especially for Jake.

We’ll keep you up to date after we have settled in.

Max, Carina and Jake

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  1. Liana
    Wednesday August 3rd, 2016

    Wir freuen uns sehr für euch und fiebern mit euch mit! Wie werden euch sehr vermissen!

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