“When” and not “if”

Hey friends and supporters,

The last month of preparation for our adventure has been very encouraging. We made some head way financially with some generous one time donations and promises for monthly support. Right now including savings and donations we are at about 60% of what we will need. So we still need your financial support. Please consider helping us out and shoot us an email at snowangeldesign@me.com.

One of our potential supporters told us a very encouraging story. By chance they were visiting Thunder Bay from Vancouver and happened to pass the church that urban abbey is using. They wondered if that was only an old dying church or if perhaps something was happening there. After they read our last post they were very glad to see a church being planted in that historic building and we and the urban abbey staff were encouraged by this.

Last Tuesday we had a Skype call with the staff and got to know a little bit more about everyones story. Their passion was visible on their faces and it spark the same excitement in us as well. The hour long conversation solidified our resolve to embark on this adventure and gave us peace about a lot of the logistical and job related questions. The most encouraging comment was by Kimberley, who said that they already are speaking of „when“ Max and Carina come and not „if“ they come. 🙂

There are three things that are on our hearts and minds that we would like to ask you to pray for.

  1. That our financial support grows.
  2. That we and the staff can come up with a suitable job description for me.
  3. That we’ll find a visa service to help us apply for the right visa.

We hope to have the finances figured out by the end of November in order that we can put our visa application in before the end of the year.

Thanks for your support. We love you and God bless you!

Carina, Max and Jake

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